Renting to expats

The majority of properties that we rent out is to expats. An expatriate or expat is someone who temporarily lives and works or studies in a country. Usually they are sent by their employer, although some also apply directly to a foreign employer or university.

Usually renting to expats is temporary. By far the most rental agreements that we make is for 12 months. This is no problem for an expat because their employment contract is, in general, for 12 months as well. If desired, it’s of course possible to extend the rental agreement after the first rental period.

The advantage for the owner is that at the end of the rental term the property will be available again for their own use, sale, renovation and / or a new rental period.

In general, expats are highly educated and enjoy a stable income, receive compensation for renting their homes and have a tax advantage which increases their income. In our experience, renting to expats offers a landlord a lot of security.