Information regarding the check-in

When a tenant is accepted by the owner and the rental agreement are made, we schedule the check-in. During the check-in, an inventory List and an inspection report are made.


An inventory list is a list of all movable items in the rented accommodation. The list is made, complemented, checked and explained during the check-in. All movable items must be present at the check-out.



An inspection report is a report that gives both the tenant and the landlord clarity about any damage to the rented accomodation and  items at the check-in and the check-out. The inspection report is drawn up during the check-in and is compared with the inspection report made at the check-out.

Any damages are recorded in the inspection report. Discovered damages after the check-in can still be added to the inspection report within 14 days after the date of check-in. If desired, tenants can take photographs themselves that are added to the inspection report.

Damage discovered after this 14-day period is assumed to have been caused by the tenant and/or persons for which the tenant is responsible.

Both the tenant and the landlord receive a scan and/or copy of the inventory list and the inspection report by e-mail. The inventory list and inspection report are signed by both the tenant and the landlord, or a representative on their behalf, at the check-in. With signing the document both parties acknowledge to have read the documents and agree with its content.