Cleaning after the check-out

General information:

After the check-out the rented property will be cleaned again. The cleaning costs shall be paid by the tenant and deducted from the deposit. The tenant has a major influence on the costs for this final cleaning. If the rented property is left sufficiently clean after the check-out, then the minimum of 3 hours for an unfurnished property and 5 hours for a furnished property, is normally sufficient. However, if the rented property is delivered inot cleaned/ maintained, the number of necessary cleaning hours can increase significantly. For this reason, the exact amount of the final cleaning can not be given prior to the check-out.

Important information & costs:

  • The minimum number of hours to be taken is 3 for an unfurnished property and 5 for a furnished property. The exact number of necessary working hours depends on the condition of the property after the check-out.